The County Council is the highest decision-making body of the Regional Council. It consist of 67 members. Members for the Assembly are chosen by municipal councils. The County Council meets twice a year. 

Chairman of the County Council is Ms. Satu Taavitsainen who is also a Member of the Finnish Parliament (Social Democratic Party).

County Council 2017-2019

  • Satu Taavitsainen, Chairman (Social Democratic Party), Mikkeli
  • Markku Kakriainen, 1st vice-chairman (Centre Party), Mikkeli
  • Oskari Valtola, 2nd vice-chairman (National Coalition Party), Mikkeli

Representatives of political parties:

  • 23 Centre Party representatives
  • 18 Social Democratic Party representatives
  • 11 National Coalition Party representatives
  • 6 The Greens representatives
  • 5 The Finns Party representatives
  • 3 Christian Democrats representatives
  • 1 Left Alliance representative